Radiohead post new music online

Studio footage of Thom Yorke and co features new songs

Radiohead have posted a video online featuring new music from the band.

The short video film is made by The Vapour Brothers, the team behind the video for 2001’s ’I Might Be Wrong’ and some promotional clips for 2000’s ’Kid A’ album.

The footage shows the band in the studio, Thom Yorke dancing while DJing and the group jamming.

The soundtrack is a montage of music and dialogue, some of which is believed to be the new material the band are currently working on.

Yorke has linked to the footage at Dead Air Space, prefacing it by saying: “This is what happens when you spend too long listening to the same thing over and over again until you just can’t tell anymore and you have to do something else instead.”

The video be seen at

The band’s first studio album since 2003’s ‘Hail To The Thief’ is expected later this year, though no release date has been confirmed.