Radiohead disappear from the internet amid rumours of new album release

It's only a day after fans received a series of mysterious flyers in the post

Radiohead have vanished almost entirely from the internet – amid rumours that the band are gearing up for the imminent release of a new album.

Reddit users were among the first to notice that the opacity of the band’s website had slowly decreased until it became almost entirely blank – the first in what seemed like a series of online vanishing acts from the band.

The same thing then appeared to happen with their Facebook and Twitter accounts, with every post deleted until an empty page remained, alongside a blank image for the band’s profile picture and header photos.

The reason behind the bizarre stunt is yet to be revealed – but comes only a day after fans received a series of mysterious flyers in the post, which read: “Sing a song of sixpence that goes/Burn the Witch/We know where you live.”

Fans have speculated that ‘Burn the Witch’ could be the name of a new album, after the group launched a new limited company earlier this year – a move employed by the band before the release of previous records.

In January, eagle-eyed fans noticed that the band had quietly established a new company called Dawn Chorus LLP in October 2015 – which had previously done ahead of the band’s previous two albums.

In July 2007, they founded Xurbia Endless before the release of ‘In Rainbows’, in October of that year, while in December 2010 they formed Ticker Tape Ltd ahead of ‘The King of Limbs’ in February 2011.