Radiohead parody Brad Pitt movie in ‘Thumbs Down’ webcast

They cover the Smiths, DJ in their web movie

Radiohead unveiled an unusual webcast this evening on

Starting with an MIA track, and some tracks DJed by Thom Yorke, the webcast featured more chalkboard works of art, including drawings of houses featuring downward-facing arrows and the phrase ‘Why don’t you turn off your computer and do something else?’

One scene was preceded by the sentence ‘And now for something completely different’, going into one of the final scenes from the movie ‘7’ in which Morgan Freeman’s character opens a box and inside is a head, in this instance, Thom Yorke’s head.

The band DJs throughout, and featured tracks include Kings Of Leon’s ‘My Party’.

The film is interspersed with random images of the band giving the thumbs down signal and Thom Yorke explains the broadcast in a short piece to camera.

“This is ‘Thumbs Down’,”.he says “This is our way of celebrating the fact that we finished a record. We’ve been doing some stupid stuff really for a couple of weeks, knocking some stuff together. Don’t expect any quality level cos there is none, except when of course when the professionals are involved and there are a couple here because frankly we need ‘em”.

Also included are several live performances include an acoustic song filmed outdoors atop a hill, and a cover of The Smiths’The Headmaster Ritual’ as well as in studio performances of their own material.

–By our New York staff.

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