Radiohead to release live DVD

Thom Yorke says festival show will get release

Thom Yorke has revealed that Radiohead’s performance at this year’s Bonnaroo is likely to be released on DVD.

The two-and-a-half hour show, featuring six new songs including ‘Bodysnatchers’, ‘Nude’ and ‘Arpeggi’, was Thom Yorke’s “favourite gig for years and years and years”.

Speaking on Tom Robinson’s Evening Sequence on BBC 6Music, Yorke said: “We’re sitting on it because there’s loads of new stuff on it. Because we’re mean like that. It will come out eventually.”


The set that the band played at Bonnaroo was as follows. However, it is not known which songs are likely to feature on the release.

‘There There’


‘15 Step’


‘Exit Music (For A Film)’


‘Kid A’

‘Dollars And Cents’


‘No Surprises’

‘Paranoid Android’

‘The Gloaming’

‘The National Anthem’

‘Climbing Up the Walls’


‘Street Spirit (Fade Out)’

‘The Bends’


‘How to Disappear Completely’

‘You And Whose Army?’

‘Pyramid Song’

‘Like Spinning Plates’

‘Fake Plastic Trees’




‘Karma Police’

‘House of Cards’

‘Everything in Its Right Place’