Radiohead fans sent mysterious ‘Burn The Witch’ postcards

A new album hint, perhaps?

Radiohead fans have been sent a ‘Burn The Witch’ postcard in the post, printed in black and white alongside a piece of abstract art, and bearing the Radiohead logo.

‘Burn The Witch’ is a known and long-standing unreleased Radiohead song that is referenced as far back as 2002, when the name appeared in the corner of a piece of artwork associated with ‘Hail To The Thief’ (the album was released in 2003, but the artwork was painted in 2002).

Thom Yorke wrote a post saying he had finished the lyrics to a track of the same name in 2005, with some lyrics later posted online. The song has been teased at least twice live over the past 15 years. There’s a history of the name and the track – and also hear brief clips – here (read about other tracks that might be included on Radiohead’s next release here).


The postcard first surfaced this morning (April 30), and reads “Sing the song of sixpence that goes Burn The Witch. We know where you live,” and has been sent to some people who have previously ordered from Oxford band

View the postcard via Twitter, below:

Radiohead have registered two companies under names linked with the phrase ‘Dawn Chorus’ as the buzz around a new, ninth studio album takes hold, something the band have also done around the time of previous album releases.

A leak has also suggested that the new release could be arriving in June, with Brian Message, the band’s management partner, revealing the date on Twitter earlier this month.

Message also said the album will be “like nothing you’ve ever heard.”


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