Radiohead: ‘We’ve done really well out of ‘In Rainbows”

Band hint at large profits from download release

Radiohead have hinted that they have made a large profit from the internet download release of their latest album, ‘In Rainbows’, despite letting fans choose how much to pay for it.

The band refused to divulge how much money they had made from the release, but did suggest that they were surprised by the figures.

“It’s total nonsense,” said front-man Thom Yorke when asked on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme if 1.2 million people had downloaded the album in its first week of release.

“We’re the only people who know [how many people have downloaded ‘In Rainbows’]” he added. “It feels wrong to say exactly what happened. But it’s been a really nice surprise and we’ve done really well out of it.”

The album got a physical release on Monday (December 31).