Radiohead programme to premiere in London

Screening includes a selection of rarities

Radiohead are to premiere a retrospective collection of their music videos and rarities on the big screen this weekend (November 18/19).

The screening is being held as part of RESFEST, a globe trotting music, film and art festival which is celebrating its 10-year anniversary.

The programme entitled ‘Radiohead The Visionaries: A Decade Of Breaking New Talent’ sees the band’s long-time commissioner Dilly Gent bringing together a series of video promos and rare footage of new and old material to the big screen.


The collection includes the videos for classic singles ‘No Surprises’, ‘Karma Police’, ‘Street Spirit (Fade Out)’ and ‘Paranoid Android’ plus rarities such as Monkey Hub’s animation for an acoustic version of ‘Creep’, the ‘OK Computer’ album promotional blips, videos from Radiohead TV, ‘Down Is The New Up’ and ‘Video Tape’ taken off the ‘From The Basement’ sessions, and ‘Harrowdown Hill’, from Thom Yorke’s ‘The Eraser’ solo project.

The collection is part of a series of week long RESFEST events, which kick off at London‘s National Film Theatre from today (November 14).

Other screenings include a documentary about reuniting the The Wu-Tang Clan entitled ‘Rock The Bells’ and the launch of Coldcut‘s ‘Sound Mirrors Videos and Remixes’ DVD plus a Q+A and DJ set.

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