Revealed – the greatest Radiohead anthem ever

Fans tell Thom and co what they want to hear at V Festival

Radiohead fans have told NME that the 1995 single ‘Just’ is the song they most want to hear the band play at this weekend’s (August 19/20) V Festival.

Thousands of fans voted when we asked what exactly you wanted to hear from Thom Yorke and the boys when they headline the bashes in Chelmsford and Stafford.

‘Let Down’ from 1997’s ‘OK Computer’ came second, with ‘The Bends’ ballad ‘Fake Plastic Trees’ in third.


The Top Ten is:

1. ‘Just’

2. ‘Let Down’

3. ‘Fake Plastic Trees’

4. ‘Creep’


5. ‘Paranoid Android’

6. ‘Exit Music (For A Film)’

7. ‘Karma Police’

8. ‘My Iron Lung’

9. ‘Lucky’

10. ‘2+2=5’

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