What should Radiohead play at V?

NME starts the countdown to this year's most anticipated festival set

Radiohead make their first UK festival appearance since Glastonbury 2003 at the V Festival next month.

But what will the set consist of? Hit-heavy moments from classic ‘90s albums ‘OK Computer’ and ‘The Bends’ or electro-bleepery from more recent records? Plus will ‘Creep’ get a look in?

As the countdown to the most anticipated festival set of the year commences, NME.COM wants to know the songs you want Radiohead to play.

The votes will then be tallied up and exclusively revealed in a special V Festival preview issue of NME, out on August 16.

To take part, all you have to do is email features@nme.com with your name, age and where you live, with Radiohead as the subject and simply tell us the name of your favourite Radiohead song plus an explanation as to why you think the band should play it.