Radiohead go reggae!

No they haven't chilled out, its a tribute album

Radiohead’s classic album ‘OK Computer’ has been entirely re-recorded, nine years after its original release.

However fans should not worry, the band themselves haven’t tampered with their masterpiece. Rather the record the latest subject of the Easy Star reggae label’s cheeky tribute recordings.

Three and-a-half years ago, the Easy Star Allstars released ‘Dub Side Of The Moon’, a reggae adaptation of Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’. And for its follow-up, ‘Radiodread’, the collective have tackled ‘OK Computer’.

Easy Star’s explained: “We wanted to do something that no-one would anticipate, something that would take us to a new place altogether.”

And bandmate Lem Oppenheimer said of the logic behind the project: “Reggae music, born in opposition to colonial oppression, conveys hope in the bleakest moments. Likewise, there is humour and hope in the voices of ‘OK Computer’‘s lyrics, and that’s where we found the deepest connections with the reggae spirit.”

Released on August 21, ‘Radiodread’ features an array of guest vocalists, including Horace Andy on ‘Airbag’, Citizen Cope on ‘Karma Police’ and Frankie Paul on‘Lucky’ .