Radiohead live plans emerge

As the band work on their new album, gigs are in the pipeline

Radiohead have been recording “a song a day” – and live shows are in the pipeline too.

The group have been in their Oxfordshire studio working on tracks for the follow-up to ’Hail To The Thief’ for much of the year.

Radiohead will be in the studio again this week, and then break until December. From there, they start recording again until Christmas.

Bassist Colin Greenwood revealed: “Back tomorrow (October 17), after a full on week of recording a song a day, some not even on the blackboard. One of Jonny‘s tunes, packing a lot in 2 mins 45 seconds!”

Greenwood added that there’s “exciting talk of shows next year”, although no dates are currently confirmed.

However, the band have leaked some titles for tracks which are being considered for the new album, including ’Rubbernecks’, ’Solutions’, ’Pig’s Ear’, ’Burn The Witch’, Morning Mi’ Lord’, ’House Of Cards’, ’Reckoner’ and ’Arpeggi’.

The album is set for release some time in 2006.