Parenthood means they have to turn Bob Geldof down…

RADIOHEAD turned down an offer to play at LIVE 8, it has emerged.

The band, who have been vocal on many of the global development issues that the shows are aiming to raise awareness about, were given the chance by organiser Bob Geldof, according to BBC News.

But guitarist Jonny Greenwood’s recent parenthood is among the reasons why the band were unable to take part.

Radiohead’s spokesman said: “They were asked but they can’t do it. Jonny is out of action because he and his wife have just had a baby and the rest of the band are spread out all over the place at that time.”

The UK leg of Live 8 takes place at London Hyde Park on July 2, and would-be audience members have until midnight on Sunday (June 12) to enter the text lottery for tickets.