The Radiohead frontman urges fans to join him in the battle against George Bush...

RADIOHEAD’s THOM YORKE is urging fans to join him in a protest against GEORGE BUSH’s ’STAR WARS’ programme.

In a posting on the band’s message board, Yorke alerted fans to the protest taking place at Fylingdales base on Saturday (September 25) at which he is a guest speaker.

“i hope you all are well,” he wrote “it’s saturday. i need to go to bed. im planning a trip to fylingdales anybody want to come? its a nice place. they have big domes and stuff. its up north. and im down south. bring a sandwich. i think they are planning world domination there or something.


“its the 25th. thats also a saturday. what should i say. i dont want to be rude. but they are about to announce star wars..”

The Star Wars protest centres on a loophole in the law which means that anti-satellite weaponry and lasers may be tested in the atmosphere, though weapons of mass destruction are banned from being used.

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