Drummer Phil Selway lends his support to The Samaritans’ new campaign…

RADIOHEAD are putting their time off from recording and touring to good use – with drummer PHIL SELWAY doing his bit for charity.

Selway is currently supporting The Samaritans’ new volunteer recruiting campaign ‘Extreme Listening’. The emotional support group are aiming to encourage more young people aged 18-24 to volunteer. The Samaritans’ campaign is being carried out through postcards which are being distributed in Ibiza, as well as posters throughout the UK.

Selway explained: “There’s the common misconception that at that age you’re too young to do the work, you haven’t got enough experience, but age isn’t a barrier.”

The campaign aims to show the link between listening to music and expressing emotion. The Samaritans are suggesting that through becoming a volunteer, you get to experience another form of powerful listening.

The drummer, who has been a Samaritan for 18 years since joining university, said: “The experience that you need is to listen properly and effectively – give people the space to examine their own feelings. The whole Samaritans thing is about getting alongside someone who is really trying to understand what they’re going through.”

Selway added: “Working with The Samaritans has been a profound experience for me. It’s the knowledge that hopefully you’ve made a positive difference to someone’s life when they’ve been going through a crisis.”

For more information about the ‘Extreme Listening’ campaign, visit www.samaritans.org/extreme.

Radiohead are currently taking a break from recording and touring, following an intensive schedule surrounding the release of the band’s last album ‘Hail ToThe Thief’. Selway said there are no plans as yet to go back into the studio.