Thom Yorke: ‘Why I made a solo album’

Radiohead singer speaks out on 'The Eraser'

Thom Yorke has spoken for the first time about the making of his debut solo album, ‘The Eraser’.

The Radiohead frontman told Rolling Stone magazine ’The Eraser’ was made from “stuff that I do when I’m bored. I wanted to work on my own. I just wanted to see what it would be like”.

While most of the songs were written over a short, highly creative period, some of the tracks have had a longer gestation.


He revealed: “In the last song, ‘Cymbal Rush’, the first bit you hear is something I had for three years: one little note. I could hear the melody in there straight away. But if you played it to anyone else without me singing it, you’d think, ‘What’s he on about?’”

Two of ’The Eraser’s nine tracks also feature cameos, if in sample form, from Yorke’s bandmates: “‘And It Rained All Night’ has this enormously shredded-up element of ‘The Gloaming’, not that you’d ever know…’Black Swan’ has this tiny, shredded segment of something that was one of the library samples we had. It was Ed(O’Brien) and Phil (Selway) doing this thing, and I sliced it into bits. The sample was 2000, but the song was 2005.”

Some of the tracks were also mooted for Radiohead: “‘Harrowdown Hill’ was kicking around during ‘Hail To The Thief’ (2003 album), but there was no way that was going to work with the band.”

Despite Yorke’s solo excursion, the star revealed Radiohead are keen to play more of their new songs at upcoming dates.

He also revealed that the band are determined to continue their more stripped-down approach, as showcased at recent gigs: “We’re trying not to get too fussy, which is obviously our tendency,” he said.

’The Eraser’ is released on July 10 through XL Records. Radiohead are currently touring North America.