Radiohead reveal tour secrets

Jonny Greenwood gives the full story behind the band’s live return

Radiohead have revealed the inside story behind their live return and explained their decision to return to mainly guitar-based rock.

NME joined the band on their first UK trek in three years, during which they treated fans to ten new songs that are expected to feature on their next album, not due until 2007.

“Playing live again is something I’ve been thinking about for a year and three quarters,” guitarist Jonny Greenwood said. “I love it.”

He then went onto explain that there are many more new tracks to see the light of day, saying: “We’ve done about half of the new songs, so there’s lots more to come. We’re going to tour in America and that’s when we’re going to try out more of the new songs. At the minute we feel like we’re warming up and remembering how to play again.”

For the full behind the scenes coverage of Radiohead’s UK live return, including their hardcore fans and singer Thom Yorke’s debut solo album, be sure to pick up this week’s NME, which hits newsstands nationwide today.

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