Radiohead attract the stars

The Oxford quintet wrap up their UK tour with a few old favourites

A star studded audience turned out to see Radiohead wrap up their UK tour in London tonight (May 19).

Susie Siouxsie, Keane, Gnarls Barkley‘s Danger Mouse, The Mighty Boosh plus comedy duo Adam and Joe were among the celebrities who saw the Oxford quintet sandwich nine new songs in between a host of classic hit singles and fan favourites at Hammersmith Apollo.

The 110 minute show culminated a rollercoaster 10 days for Radiohead who suffered a family bereavement during the European leg of their tour but vowed to carry on.

The band were in suprisingly high spirits throughout the gig though particularly when a member of the crowd threw a bra onstage during ‘Idioteque’ and singer Thom Yorke joked: “What’s that for? Is it my birthday today?”

Kicking off with Amnesiac track ‘You And Whose Army’, Radiohead wowed the crowd with old favourites ‘Paranoid Android’, ‘Street Spirit (Fade Out)’, ‘Black Star’, ‘Lucky’ and ‘Karma Police’ alongside material that they’re still working on for their forthcoming seventh album.

Acknowledging their work in progress, Yorke declared before the guitar driven ‘Open Pick’, “Some of the new stuff we have got is pretty sketchy at the moment. We have got to sort it all out.”

Yet the new tracks are already proving popular, with many fans singing along to ‘Bangers ‘n’ Mash’ while ‘House Of Cards’ sparked a brief clap-a-long.

The band also played ’15 Step’, ‘Arpeggi’, the piano driven haunting ballad ‘Videotape’, featuring a two pronged guitar combination from Jonny and Colin Greenwood over the lyrics, “When I’m at the pearly gates/This will be on my videotape/When Mephistopholis is just beneath”, the dark slow building ‘Go Slowly’, which again saw Yorke get behind the piano, instrumental ‘Spooks’ and ‘4 Minute Warning’.

Radiohead will return for a couple of dates in the summer including the V Festival on August 19-20, Edinburgh Meadowbank Stadium (22) and Dublin Marlay Park (24).

They played:

‘You And Whose Army’

‘The National Anthem’


‘Open Pick’

’15 Step’

‘Exit Music (For A Film)’

‘Dollars And Cents’



‘Street Spirit (Fade Out)’

‘Paranoid Android’


‘Go Slowly’



‘Bangers ‘n’ Mash’

‘Everything In It’s Right Place’


‘There There’

‘House Of Cards’

‘Black Star’


Second Encore:

‘4 Minute Warning’

‘Karma Police’