Minimum arrests, blazing sunshine, and fantastic performances make it an event to remember...

CALIFORNIA’s desert festival

COACHELLA ended on a high this weekend – with only

minimal trouble over the course of the event.

According to Ben Guitron, spokesperson for the

Indio Police Department, just 24 people were arrested on Saturday (May 1) and 29 on Sunday for crimes including touting, narcotics violations and alcohol-related incidents.

The festival drew in sold out crowds of 50,000 people each day, and

despite temperatures blazing past the 40 degrees Celsius mark, the

Indio Fire Department reported just nine revellers taken

to hospital on Saturday and five on Sunday for heat exhaustion.

The event was deemed a success, Goldenvoice

promoter Paul Tollett told


“It was the greatest. I think [this year was] a highlight for us. I really

liked the people that went. The crowd was really friendly,” he said. “There

were so many good performances. I couldn’t keep up. Bright

Eyes was so great. I really liked Radiohead


Tollett said he was also stunned by the amount of support for the Pixies first festival performance of the year, as they played to a packed field that included Jack Black, who joined the photo pit to get

an up close look, as well as actress Allison Lohman,

Tony Kanal of No

Doubt, The Mars

Volta’s Cedric Bixler, Brody

Dalle and Ash.

“It was absolutely amazing that that many people are into the Pixies. The last shows we did in LA [over a decade ago]

were only like 5,000 people and there was easily over 40, close to 50

thousand, watching them [at Coachella].”

The event was such a success, the sell out promoted touting off site

and on Ebay, where one Saturday ticket went for over $400. Tollett said

because of those actions Goldenvoice will start to look

at remedies to preventing the gouging of prices by individuals next


“That’s something we have to learn about,” he said. “It’s a hard balance selling out. I wish everyone could see the show, but I want the

people who see the show to have a great time so you have to pick a halfway point. If we feel next year’s going to sell out, if we have a strong

line up, we have to do something so people don’t resell their tickets. That was sad to watch.”

Planning for Coachella 2005 begins this