‘New’ Radiohead songs appear online

Songs from 1988 and 1990 surface on internet

Several previously unreleased Radiohead demos have surfaced online.

The tracks have been circulated on a Radiohead fan site ateaseweb.com.

The first demo dates from 1988 when the band were still called On A Friday, and includes the songs ‘Happy Song’, ‘To Be A Brilliant Light’ and ‘Sinking Ship’.

The second demo is believed to have been recorded in the summer of 1990, when the band had changed their name to Shindig.

The 15 tracks on this demo include:

‘Climbing Up A Bloody Great Hill’


‘Mr B’

‘What’s That You See?’

‘Everyone Needs Someone To Hate’

‘Upside Down’

‘The Greatest Shindig Of The World’

‘Give It Up’

‘How Can you Be Sure?’

‘Life With The Big F’

‘Keep Strong’


‘Burning Bush’

‘Tell Me Bitch’

‘New Generation’