Jonny Greenwood's score for the documentary 'Bodysong' will be available in the States...

Radiohead guitarist JOHNNY GREENWOOD’s score for the documentary ‘BODYSONG’ will be released in America early next year.

The soundtrack for the film, due for release on December 5, will be available in the US on February 24.

Greenwood wrote the score whilst taking some time off from Radiohead in 2002. It was written with the aid of Radiohead engineer Graeme Stewart at the band’s Oxford studio.

Greenwood’s contribution provides the narration for a collage of footage from the past 100 years. The dialogue free film tells “the story of life”.

Surpisingly, only two of the tracks on the album feature a guitar, with Greenwood instead favouring instruments used in modern jazz.

Plans are currently being made for the award winning documentary’s US release.