Seems that doing a 'Conga' through the campsite is frowned upon at the Swedish bash...

Over 100 people were arrested in HULTSFRED, Sweden, Saturday (June 14) when a group of 500 festival goers began a ‘Conga’ through the festival camping area.

With the three-day Radiohead-headlined festival over, security were called to calm an after festival party in the early hours of Sunday morning (June 15). Security claim they quickly identified around 100 people who they suspected could have escalated the frivolity into violence.

“They ran round and destroyed fencing. There was a risk that both people and property would be damaged. We decided therefore to remove people in order to avert any further crime,” said Ulf Karlsson, information chief for Kalmar District police.

However, some of those arrested have said they were causing no harm. “All we were doing is dancing and singing about love and freedom, ” 22-year-old Mattias Jansson told newspaper Aftonbladet.

All 105 detained have been released without explanation. No charges are pending against the group.