Jonny Greenwood tells NME.COM he enjoyed making 'Bodysong' - but he won't give up the day job...


guitarist JONNY GREENWOOD has spoken exclusively to NME.COM about his first solo album – and said that there’s no way he’ll ever leave the band for good to work on his own material.

Jonny provides the instrumental score to the film ‘Bodysong’, which will be released in cinemas on December 5. Directed by Simon Pummell, the multi-media project is the story of life using moving images from around the world recorded over the last 100 years.

Despite being a ‘solo’ album, Jonny said that all the members of Radiohead were involved in some way or another. His brother and bandmate Colin also provides bass on one song.

“You realise quite quickly how good it is to be in a group,” Jonny told NME.COM of recording alone. “Thom (Yorke) was suggesting titles for things and everyone in the band had a two CD version and helped me whittle it down to half the length. Colin (Greenwood) is a bit like me, he’s not great at taking time off. He came and helped with the programming and played some bass. He really tied it together, helped a lot. I never really felt alone.”

Jonny said that although he enjoyed the experience, his heart will always remain with Radiohead. He added: “I think I’d only do it again if everyone else wanted to stop. The most important stuff we do is with the band and with Thom. I’ve got no illusions that it’s clear to me that Radiohead’s always going to be at least five times better because there’s five of us. That’s what I spend my time on really.”