The band work through the songs they premiered on their recent European tour...

RADIOHEAD have arrived in LOS ANGELES and started recording sessions on their new album.

The band have teamed up with longtime producer Nigel Godrich to record their sixth studio album, which is due for release in March next year.

They are picking their favourite songs premiered on a recent tour of Spain and Portugal – including ‘There There’, ‘A Punch Up At A Wedding’, ‘We Suck Young Blood’ and ‘Sail To The Moon’.

Writing to fans on the Radiohead message board, guitarist Jonny Greenwood said that yesterday (September 1) was their first session in the studio. He wrote: “(Colin) is playing bass right now, and singing along like a loony….pretty intense stuff in here ! It’s day one, and going fine.”

NME.COM understands that the recording sessions are due to finish on or around September 15.