Optimistic organisers are confident the event will still go-ahead, despite the refusal of a permit...

Optimistic organisers for the FIELD DAY MUSIC FESTIVAL near NEW YORK have not halted the construction of stages at the although the permit needed was denied earlier this week.

Promoter Andrew Dreskin has offered to pay for extra security required out of his own pocket, and has now stated that if the event does not go ahead at Calverton Enterprise Park, they will sue Suffolk County.

He said, “”I guess this is what happens when you’re a young, independent company trying to play ball in a staid, established industry. I don’t think our competitors are that happy about it, and it’s an election year and there are forces that are beyond our control. We have a fleet of attorneys chomping at the bit to sue these guys. We just hope it doesn’t come to that.”

The event, due to take place on June 7-8, has attracted the Beastie Boys, Radiohead, [a][/a] and Blurto the line-up. However on Tuesday (May 27), county health officials denied the festival organisers the permit after it was determined that the Riverhead Police Department is too small to safely patrol the event.

However, as reported by MTV News, Riverhead Town Supervisor Robert Kozakiewicz has stated in a letter from the county stated that officials would sign off the permit should other police options become available.

He said, “The promoter has offered to pay out of pocket for the law enforcement support to make this happen. If we can secure the help, there’s no reason we can’t make this event happen.” Kozakiewicz added, “We’re not considering failure an option. This thing is having a positive economic impact on the region and community, and I’m not willing to accept that it can’t take place.”

Suffolk County Police Department have been attending meetings with Field Day promoters for two months, and were the most likely source for the extra law enforcement needed. Riverhead needed to secure an intermunicipal co-operation agreement with Suffolk County legislature to obtain the extra security.

However, the legislature isn’t scheduled to meet again until after the concert and the county executive refuses to call an emergency session.

County Attorney Bob Cabble said, “If there was a special session and the legislature turned down the proposal, it would have been too late for anyone to get word out in time to stop people from coming to the event.” He added, “We didn’t want people showing up en masse only to find the doors locked and the gates closed.”

Riverhead officials and event promoters are now looking for the necessary law enforcement outside of the county.