Hurrah! they've got a sense of humour!...

RADIOHEAD are to make a guest appearance in the controversial cartoon series ‘SOUTH PARK’ next month.

According to the official South Park website, [url=], the band “play a vital role in Cartman’s plot for revenge against an offensive eighth grader” in the show, titled ‘Scott Tenorman Must Die’.

In the show, the notoriously immature Cartman goes through puberty. However, instead of growing pubic hair, he purchases them from an older boy. When his secret gets out, Cartman seeks “wicked revenge”.

How Radiohead feature in the show is currently unclear, however, they follow in a tradition of bands who have been immortalised as cartoon characters. Eminem is also rumoured to be making an appearance in ‘South Park’, while other bands who have been immortalised in animation include The Cure, whose Robert Smith battled a giant Barbra Striesand in South Park, and Smashing Pumpkins , Cypress Hill, Beastie Boys, Sonic Youth and members of The Beatles, who all appeared in ‘The Simpsons’.

The Radiohead episode of ‘South Park’ is broadcast at 10pm on July 11 via the Comedy Central network.