The tracks are thought to date from 1991, when the band were called On A Friday...

An album’s worth of unheard RADIOHEAD songs, recorded while the band were still called ON A FRIDAY, has reportedly surfaced online.

The songs are thought to have been recorded at the Courtyard Studio in 1991 or even earlier in 1990, thereby pre-dating the band’s record deal with EMI the following year.

NME.COM has heard some of the songs, and while it is unclear if all the songs are authentic, ‘Without You’ is an early version of the released song, ‘Maquilidora’. The other songs are variable in quality, and even more diverse in style.

The songs are: ‘Keep Strong’

‘Somebody Else’

‘I Want To Know’

‘I’m Coming Up’


‘What Is That You Say’

‘Something To Hate’

‘I Can’t’

‘Without You’

‘Give It Up’

‘How Can You Be Sure’

‘Everybody Lies Through Their Teeth’

‘Rattlesnake In The Big City’

The tracks can be downloaded via the unofficial band website, .