The band have sold out their gig in the Krypton legend's home city of Metropolis...

Radiohead are the unlikely stars of ‘SMALLVILLE’, a forthcoming television series about the early days of KRYPTON orphan SUPERMAN.

The band feature as the hottest ticket in town on the website for the Smallville Ledger, a local newspaper created by producers Warner Brothers as a promotional gimmick.

If fans click here, they will be taken to the Ledger front page. Beside a story about the local bank being held up by arch-villain and Superman nemesis Lex Luthor runs a headline reading ‘RADIOHEAD’S METROPOLIS CONCERT QUICKLY SELLS’. The story explains how Smallville’s “favorite band” sold out a show to help launch new local radio station K-Row in 12 minutes at the LuthorDome. According to the Ledger “fans camped out for days before the seats went on sale” to see the “revered U.K. rock band.”

. The show focuses on his difficult teenage years, spent coming to terms with his extraordinary powers.