The band have been asked to donate 'Amnesiac' track 'I Might Be Wrong'...

RADIOHEAD have been asked to donate their song ‘I MIGHT BE WRONG’ to a campaign to promote the forthcoming Winter Olympics.

According to US reports this morning (June 26), the track will be used in television commercials to promote the games, which take place next year in Salt Lake City.

“It’s not a money thing,” guitarist Ed O’Brien told MTV news. “We don’t do adverts for socks or aftershave. The Olympic committee is a charitable organisation. That’s why we’re doing it. If it’s sponsored by MasterCard, we’re not interested. But it’s advertising the spirit of the games.”

Speaking in the current issue of Q magazine, vocalist Thom Yorke said he had his doubts about donating the track because of the sponsorship implications of such a large event.

He said: “They’ve just asked us to compose the anthem for the Winter Olympics. That would be so strange. We’re tempted, but there’s so much sponsorship and advertising involved, and I don’t want Radiohead associated with some cigarette brand that sponsors the Olympics.”

Radiohead continue to tour the US. The band have taken the opportunity to play a new song as part of their set; the guitar heavy ‘Reckoner’. An MP3 of the song is currently available via the unofficial Radiohead website .