Although they've been working on their album since April last year, they've cut recording down to a minimum...

RADIOHEAD have spent just eight weeks recording their new album in an attempt to avoid the difficulties of ‘KID A’ and ‘AMNESIAC’, NME.COM can reveal.

Since last April, the band have been preparing themselves for the recording of their sixth album, which is due for release in June.

However, instead of recording throughout that time, the actual recording sessions have been restricted to eight weeks in LA and Oxford, in an attempt to capture a ‘performance’ feel.

“We will have actually only spent eight weeks recording,” drummer Phil Selway told NME.COM.

During the famously problematic sessions for ‘Kid A’ and ‘Amnesiac’, recording was drawn out over a period of years, with little or no interaction with the outside world. This time, the group have been playing their new material on the road, as well as recently in a webcast to fans on their official website.

Radiohead are due to resume work on the album shortly after a Christmas break. Recording is now complete, although the album is not yet finished – mixing is expected to take until early Spring.

Radiohead are the cover stars of this week’s NME, which is out nationwide now.