And, erm, dress up as George W Bush...

RADIOHEAD dressed up as GEORGE W BUSH and played four songs during a special Internet webcast to fans last night (December 18).

As we reported yesterday, the group are holed up in an Oxford recording studio, putting the finishing touches to their sixth album, due next year.

A page was constructed on the band’s official website, with a message from Thom Yorke, requesting fans download Realplayer before 10pm last night, hinting songs from the new album will be played for the first time.

As predicted the group appeared on the webcast, with Yorke and bassist Colin Greenwood DJing. Four songs were also played, ‘Punch Up At A Wedding’, ‘Good Morning Mr Magpie’, ‘I Froze Up’, and a festive cover of ‘Walking In A Winter Wonderland’.

‘Punch Up At A Wedding’ was amongst the songs played live on this year’s tour of Spain and Portugal, while ‘I Froze Up’, a simple organ ballad, and the Beatlesesque ‘Good Morning Mr Magpie’ are both thought to be unheard until last night.

Elsewhere, the group played up to the camera, and at one point put on masks resembling George W Bush and Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, according to

MP3 files of the songs are currently circulating amongst fans.