The band plan a very special Christmas webcast...

RADIOHEAD are planning a webcast of new material this evening as a Christmas present to fans, NME.COM has learned.

The group are currently holed up in an Oxford recording studio, putting the finishing touches to their sixth album, due next year.

A page has been constructed on the band’s official website, with a message from Thom Yorke, requesting fans download Realplayer before 10pm tonight (December 18), hinting songs from the new album will be played for the first time.


The message reads: “Now then. You might want to download Realplayer by 10pm on Wednesday the 18th of December 2002. We think it’s a good idea. Unless of course you have something better to do. In which case fair enough. It’s just a thought. Nothing may happen. Every day I wake up and wonder whether this is the day it will happen. Make some coffee, turn on the radio and wait. It hasn’t happened yet. Happy Christmas. Thom.”

Internet rumours suggest the band will premiere the studio version of ‘2+2=5’. In the ‘Kid A’ period, the group did a number of webcasts for fans.

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