And no, the LA crowd are not treated to 'Creep'...

RADIOHEAD played one of their oldest songs at their high profile LA HOLLYWOOD BOWL show last night (September 25).

The band are currently on the second leg of a massive US tour, which ends with two dates at the New York Madison Square Garden in late October.

Last night the band performed at the legendary Bowl, which has seen performances from the likes of The Beatles, and this year Coldplay. During their set, they performed ’Pablo Honey’ track ’Lurgee’, which has only been played once before in recent years.

The setlist ran: ‘There There’




‘Where I End And You Begin’



‘Paranoid Android’

‘Sail To The Moon’

‘I Will’


‘The Gloaming’



‘The National Anthem’

‘Exit Music (For A Film)’

‘Sit Down. Stand Up‘

‘Like Spinning Plates’

‘A Punch-Up At A Wedding’

‘Go To Sleep’

‘Street Spirit (Fade Out)’

‘Karma Police’

‘Everything In Its Right Place’

Radiohead return to the UK in November for a tour, and their next single is likely to be ’2+2=5’, and will be released around the same time.

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