The band show their support for the new e-mail initiative aimed at people who have trouble talking through their feelings...

RADIOHEAD are backing a new SAMARITANS counselling service, which lets people email in, totally anonymously, with their problems.

The idea is to target teenagers, especially young men, who have trouble talking through their feelings on the phone.

The band’s drummer, Phil Selway, has been a long-time volunteer. He told BBC Radio 1 we all may need the Samaritans at some point in our life, particularly in the light of some alarming statistics disclosed recently.

He said: “I think it’s the World Health Organisation that say by 2020 they think the biggest killer will be depression. So you have those very stark figures and then you suddenly think…

“Something like the Samaritans which is talking about getting feelings out into the open and actually looking for emotional support – well, suddenly it has a very important role in community and our society.”

The band have also donated a live track and video to the Samaritans website