Another bandmember has a good moan about the availability of 'Hail To The Thief' on the web...

RADIOHEAD‘s PHIL SELWAY has said his band’s recording process has been “compromised” following the leak of unfinished tracks from forthcoming LP ‘HAIL TO THE THIEF’.

As we revealed, tracks from the album have been available on the Internet for a number of days, angering the group and producer Nigel Godrich. Jonny Greenwood said the songs were “stolen recordings of early work”, while his brother Colin described the leak as “unhelpful noise”.

Now, writing to fans on [url=], Selway has expressed his feelings. “I too am disappointed that the album has already been uploaded onto the net,” he said. “We don’t like anybody to hear our recordings until we are completely happy with them. These mixes of the songs were still ‘work in progress’. As such, we wouldn’t have chosen to present the album to people in this form. I feel that the recording process has been compromised for us. Its not that these mixes are bad, it’s just that the actual album is better – honest.”

‘Hail To The Thief’ will be released in its finished form on June 9.