Guitarist Jonny Greenwood says the bands have written "lots" of new songs and would like to take them on the road next year...

JONNY GREENWOOD has said RADIOHEAD have written “lots” of new songs for a their next album, and would like to undertake a UK tour in 2002.

Speaking in a recent webchat with fans, the Radiohead guitarist said that the group had ” lots of new songs written” for the follow-up to this year’s acclaimed ‘Amnesiac’ album. He added that the group are in the process of “working out arrangements” for the songs.

Radiohead have performed a number of unreleased songs as part of their recent tours, with fan favourites including ‘Big Ideas’, ‘Reckoner’ and ‘True Love Waits’. Of ‘True Love Waits’, which the band have been playing recently across the US, Greenwood said the band can’t decide how to approach recording the track.

Elsewhere in the chat, Greenwood said that the band were hoping to play more live shows in the UK next year, but warned that “there are no plans after October”.

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Radiohead finish their current US tour on August 20 in LA. The band then return to Europe for more live shows, before a small tour of Japan.