Ed O'Brien adds his "wild sounds"...

Members of RADIOHEAD and SINEAD O’CONNOR are to make guest appearances on the new Massive Attack album.

As previously announced on NME.COM, the band are working on a new album with producer Adrian Sherwood, which is due for release in 2003.

According to a posting on the band’s official website, www.asiandubfoundation.com, Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien will play guitar on some of the record, while O’Connor, who recently recorded with [/a], will be a guest on one of the new tunes.

According to the Radiohead website, www.ateaseweb.com, bandmember Chandrasonic said: “Radiohead, especially Ed, are fans of [a] from when we played with them back in ’98 at an Amnesty gig in Paris. He’s been in contact with us for a while. They’re very innovative and prepared to take musical risks, to explore; plus they have the highly emotive singing of Thom Yorke. It was an honour to have Ed play on the album; we both have a great deal of admiration for each other’s guitar styles. We play together on two tracks. He’s got some wild sounds I can tell you!”

Radiohead are also working on a new album, due for release next year.