The group turn DJs for a night on a US radio station - and Thom Yorke shows off his twinkle toes...

RADIOHEAD took over a US radio station on Tuesday night (August 12) – playing a selection of their favourite tracks ranging from the APHEX TWIN to Tindersticks.

The band, currently on tour in the US, dropped in to Boston radio station FNX for a few hours to take part in their Hostile Takeover show.

Arriving with suitcases stuffed full of their personal faves, Thom Yorke, Colin Greenwood, Ed O’Brien and Phil Selway were, according to DJ Paul Driscoll, on top form all night, introducing songs between bites of vegetarian sushi, and, in Thom’s case, even putting in a spot of dancing at one point!

Driscoll says: “The whole thing was very surreal. I’ve been a fan of theirs since 1993… It’s hard to put the experience into words.” He went on to say how refreshing it was that they were so down to earth and fun to have in the studio.

Among the tracks played by the band were Aphex Twin‘s Zkthr, Music’s Put It On, [/a]’ Until The Morning Comes, Outkast‘s Hey Ya!, Beth Gibbons’ Mysteries and The Meters’ Just Kissed My Baby.

The British superstars are not the first band to have taken part in Hostile Takeover – Supergrass, the [a], Feeder and [a][/a] have all in the past opened up their record boxes for the show.