The band show their support for the campaign aimed at getting greater justice in global trade...

RADIOHEAD have spoken about their reasons for supporting a massive lobby on the UK Parliament today aimed at improving greater justice in global trade.

The band are expected to join an estimated 10,000 protesters outside Westminster (June 19) at the largest ever mass lobby of Parliament. They will line up to meet their MPs, forming a giant queue, which is expected to stretch along the south bank of the Thames.

The protest is being organised by the Trade Justice Movement (TJM), a collective of charities, aid agencies and campaigning groups working towards reform of international trade rules.

Speaking in today’s Financial Times, singer Thom Yorke explained why the band feel the protest is important. “The Trade Justice Movement is the next step, and that’s what I find exciting about it….these countries are going to stay on their knees until western people are made aware that these tariffs are being put on these countries’ exports.”

Guitarist Ed O’Brien added: “When you look at it rationally, it’s a absolutely ludicrous situation. You have subsidised EU surplus grain going to these countries, when then can’t impose any taxes on it to protect their farmers.”

Yorke said that he expects politicians to take notice of the lobby, if only because they can use it to their personal gain. He concluded: “Politicians are always interested when you’ve got a reasonably strong movement, and they think they can get something out of it. If they can be seen to be doing good in one way or another then obviously they’ll try and go for it. “

Radiohead are currently working on a new album, which is due for release next year.