The black and white promo for 'I Might Be Wrong' is available on the band's website...

RADIOHEAD have premiered a video for their song ‘I MIGHT BE WRONG’ on the Internet.

The video, directed by Chris Bran, is available to view on The mainly black and white promo is a combination of animation and video footage of mainman Thom Yorke singing.

Previously, Yorke hinted ‘I Might Be Wrong’ would be the third single from the band’s current album ‘Amnesiac’ in the UK.

In addition, Olympic officials have approached the band to donate the song to a promotional campaign for next year’s Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

To watch the video, click here.

Radiohead release a new single ‘Knives Out’ on August 6. The track is be backed by three new songs, ‘Worrywort’, ‘Fog’ and ‘Cuttooth’ across the formats.

‘Fog’ has previously been played live by Radiohead under the title ‘Aligators In New York Sewers’.