The episode, 'Scott Tenorman Must Die', was recently shown in the US...

RADIOHEAD have made their cartoon debut in a new episode of ‘SOUTH PARK’. The episode, entitled ‘SCOTT TENORMAN MUST DIE’, was recently shown in the US.

But UK fans will have to wait to see Radiohead in action on ‘South Park’. Channel 4 will screen the episode next year, while viewers of Sky One will be able to see the episode later this year, but until then here’s a sneak preview of the show.

The unlikely collaboration happened after Radiohead contacted Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the duo behind ‘South Park’, to see if they could design a T-shirt for Radiohead‘s recent gig at South Park, Oxford.

Stone and Parker did come up with a design for the T-shirt, which was on sale at the Oxford gig.

Radiohead returned the favour by recording a voiceover for the TV show when they were in Santa Barbara on their recent US tour.

The plot of the episode centres on a ginger-haired character, Scott Tenorman, who tricks Cartman into buying his pubic hair for $16.12. Radiohead are guest stars and play a key role in allowing Cartman to exact revenge on Scott Tenorman.

For more, including extracts from the script and an interview with Stone, see this week’s NME, out now.