This is the fan that got to hang out with Radiohead and Edward Norton

The Cartoon Network animator created drawings for Jonny Greenwood and Thom Yorke

A competition was launched last week offering a fan and a friend the chance to meet Radiohead at their Madison Square Garden show.

Edward Norton teamed up with the band to offer one fan and a friend a trip to New York City to see and meet Radiohead as a VIP guest of Norton. The contest aimed to benefit Conservation International – backed by Norton, the organisation has a focus on “helping to build a healthier, more prosperous and more productive planet”. A $10 donation acted as entry to the competition.

Earlier today Norton revealed the competition winner via his Facebook page. The winners – a woman named Julia and her boyfriend – are animators for Cartoon Network.

During the meeting, Jonny Greenwood and Thom Yorke asked the couple for drawings, which they intended to give to their children. “We ended up showing our sketchbooks to Jonny, and both of them asked us if we could do drawings for their kids.” Julia wrote on her Instagram. “They were both very excited that Cory worked on Spongebob. Thom didn’t know Adventure Time by name, but as soon as he saw my drawing, he told us his daughter loves the show.”

Writing on Facebook, Norton said: “Sorry that we couldn’t bring every one of the nearly 5000 people who donated to show, but know that Julia and her boyfriend Corey were real, deep fans…are talented artists in their own right…and could not have been cooler strangers to meet and hang with.”

Before adding, “The Karma Police made sure this went to a really deserving pair. Great fun. Thank you all. Updates on the use of the funds raised will come to all who contributed.”