Something very special is on the way...

RADIO 1 have revealed there will be an exclusive RADIOHEAD announcement on the MARY-ANN HOBBS show ‘THE BREEZEBLOCK’ on November 20.

The show will be on air from midnight, and you can listen to the show online at [url=]www.bbc.co.uk/radio1.

Sources close to Radiohead have hinted the announcement will reveal details of an exclusive DJ set by Radiohead guitarist Ed O’ Brien for the show – although that could not be confirmed by the station.

In other Radiohead news, according to Canadian music channel [url=]www.muchmusic.com, a Radiohead documentary, ‘Kid A Lives’, featuring live performances from the band’s show at the London Victoria Park earlier in the year, as well as in interview with Thom Yorke will be premiered on November 23.