Thom and the boys get on the bus

Radiohead are to undertake a major European tour this summer starting in June.

According to their website the tour starts in Arles, France on 13 June, the tour takes in most of mainland Europe before finishing in Israel on 9 July.

A spokesman for Radiohead said that they didn’t want to play normal venues and had looked very hard for something different – the tour includes a number of theatres in addition to their appearance at the Festival Hall. Despite a hole in their schedule that could include the Friday and Saturday of Glastonbury, the spokesman stressed that they will definitely not be playing festivals because they want to play to a crowd who want to see Radiohead.

It is now expected that the as-yet-untitled album will not be released until at least October.

The full dates are:

13 June France, Arles, Theatre Antique d’Arles 14 France, Vaison La Romaine, Theatre Antique d’Vaison 15 Spain, Barcelona, Teatro Tivoli 17 France, Frejus, Arenes d’Frejus 18 Italy, Milan, Villa Reale 19 Italy, Milan, Villa Reale 21 Italy, Florence, Piazza Santa Croce 22 Italy, Florence, Piazza Santa Croce 25 Greece, Thessaloniki, Earth Theatre 26 Greece, Athens, Lycabetus Theatre 27 Greece, Athens, Lycabetus Theatre 30 France, Paris, La Grand Rex 1 July UK, London, Royal Festival Hall 3 Germany, Berlin, SFB Sendesall 4 Germany, Berlin, SFB Sendesall 7 Israel, Tel Aviv, Cinerama 8 Israel, Tel Aviv, Cinerama 9 Israel, Caesaria, Old Roman Amphitheatre