The band will not allow the DJ to put his reworking of 'Street Spirit (Fade Out)' on a new compilation...

A remix by PAUL OAKENFOLD of the RADIOHEAD song ‘STREET SPIRIT (FADE OUT)’ may never see the light of day after the band decided to block it from release.

The DJ, who is one of the most famous remixers in the world having worked with U2 and Massive Attack, as well as co-producing the seminal Happy Mondays album ‘Pills & Thrills And Bellyaches’, reworked the track from Radiohead’s second album ‘The Bends’ for use while DJing.

However, when Oakenfold approached the group for permission to put the track on a compilation album, he was refused.

Oakenfold reportedly told Irish online magazine [url=] “We were going to release that on ‘Planet Perfecto’, but unfortunately the band Radiohead, as far as I’m concerned, don’t like dance music so they wouldn’t allow us to do it. They would have got the publishing money obviously because it is their song. It will now never be released.”

He continued: “I like the challenge of taking a track and making it work in a different way. It’s always the purists who don’t like it. They’re always moaning, the purists, you can never keep the anoraks happy.”

A spokesperson for Radiohead was unable to comment on the remix.

Although not allowing Oakenfold to use the reworked track, Radiohead have been remixed before. Their single ‘Planet Telex’ was backed by a remix of the title track by LFO, while their ‘Karma Police’ single featured remixes of their ‘OK Computer’ album track ‘Climbing Up The Walls’ by Fila Brazilia.