The band's spokesperson reveals our world exclusive forced them to announce the album title early...

Radiohead gave the general public the first chance to hear their eagerly-awaited new album, ‘KID A’ last night, and nme.com were there.

‘Kid A’ received its first playbacks to selected members of the press in the American cities of Los Angeles and New York.

One member of the press who was present and heard the album told nme.com: “Not surprisingly, the album shows the band taking even more experimental risks, but they make the trip worthwhile, ranging from layered washes on the instrumental ‘Treefingers’ to harder-edged, percussive electronica on ‘Idioteque’.”


Amusingly, the tracklisting given to the press included part of a note sent to publicists which explained that the reason the album title has been announced so early, was because of the quality of news reporting on nme.com.

It said: “The reason we are sending this information to you right now is because our hand has been forced by NME newspaper in the UK who are fighting hard to get every conceivable piece of information about the band first and put it on their website… [which is] actually really worth checking out.”

The final tracklisting for ‘Kid A’ runs: ‘Everything In Its Right Place’, ‘Kid A’, ‘The National Anthem’, ‘How To Disappear Completely’, ‘Treefingers’, ‘Optimistic’, ‘In Limbo’, ‘Idioteque’, ‘Morning Bell’ and ‘Motion Picture Soundtrack’. The album also contains a short, secret track at the end.

‘Kid A’ is released in the UK on October 2.

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