Just two days after its live debut, 'Alligators In New York Sewers' has surfaced...

The brand new Radiohead song ‘ALLIGATORS IN NEW YORK SEWERS’, which the band premiered live over the weekend, has already surfaced on the Internet.

Radiohead played the song at the Old Roman Amphitheatre in Caesaria, Israel, on Sunday night (July 9). Vocalist Thom Yorke played it unaccompanied on piano as the first song in the encore, and described the track as a “kind of silly song”.

Now, the song is available via the unofficial Radiohead website [url=]www.ateaseweb.com as both an MP3 file and a Real Audio stream.

Possible lyrics to the song were posted on the official Radiohead website, [url=]www.radiohead.com.

They run: “Alligators in New York/There’s a little child/Running round this house/And he never leaves/He will never leave/and the fog comes up from the sewers/And glows in the dark/Baby alligators in the sewers grow up fast…how did you go bad?/Did you go bad?”.

If the song gets an official release, it is likely to feature on a series of EPs along with the other material they recorded during the sessions for their new album, ‘Kid A’, later in the year.