A limited edition booklet accompanying the first copies of 'Kid A' taunt Tony Blair...

The first pressings of the new Radiohead album ‘KID A’ contain a hidden booklet which seems to launch a personal attack on Prime Minister TONY BLAIR.

The booklet, which was placed behind the CD casing in the first batch of ‘Kid A’ in the UK, contains the dedication ‘For Leo‘, presumably a reference to the Blairs‘ new born son, as well as a pencil-drawn caricature of Tony Blair within the booklet. Elsewhere in the booklet are a series of Orwellian slogans, which include: ‘He’ll take the money from under your nose. He’ll tell you all you want to hear’, ‘He says he wants to be our friend, he says he’s always been on our side’ and ‘He paints himself reflective white to reflect the blast when it comes’.

A spokesperson for Radiohead would not comment on the booklet, and a spokesperson for 10 Downing Street said that they couldn’t comment on the booklet until they had seen it.

This is not the first time Thom Yorke has made his feelings towards the current government known. At the band’s show at London Royal Festival Hall on July 1, Yorke dedicated the track ‘You And Whose Army’ to Tony Blair, before quipping, “I’m only disappointed I never got to shake his hand.”

The lyrics to the song reportedly run: “Come on, come on/You and whose army?/You and your cronies/Come on, come on/Call your own empire/Come on if you think/You can take us all on”.