The agency claims demand has simply exceeded supply for the band's US shows...

TICKETMASTER have categorically denied that there was a problem with their computer system issuing Radiohead tickets in the US, either at stores in NEW YORK and LOS ANGELES or online.

And they say the only way the chaos could have been avoided would be for the band to play more gigs or bigger venues.

nme.com has been flooded with complaints from Radiohead fans in the last 24 hours, many expressing anger and disappointment at being told there were problems with the system in some stores in New York after queuing to buy tickets as soon as the doors opened.


A spokesperson for Ticketmaster in Los Angeles said that there was no technical difficulty – the only problem was that their tickets sold out completely within four minutes of going on sale.

“Fans might not want to hear this, but when demand exceeds supply, you are going to have a lot of unhappy people. It was not a system problem, it was not a Ticketmaster problem. It’s that demand was so strong, which demonstrates the popularity of the fanbase that the tickets went so quickly.”

He added that only the band could remedy the problem: “We are sorry, but if Radiohead did more shows or played larger venues, fans would have better opportunity to get tickets.”

He said that with up to as many as 1,000 distribution outlets in New York being bombarded by phone calls from across the US, it was inevitable that fans standing outside would be disappointed.

“I don’t know what the retail outlets were saying… but the simple fact is the tickets sold out. According to our records and our logs, there have been no problems with the system. The tickets just sold out.

“There has been an incredible amount of interest and incredible demand. We can attest to that, selling out in four minutes.”


Several fans said they experienced difficulties trying to book tickets online, but the spokesperson said there had been no breakdown in their Internet site.

According to fan reports, however, the site was being heavily bombarded. One described how they sat online with several windows open at [url=]www.ticketmaster.com, constantly refreshing until their order had gone through.

As reported on nme.com yesterday (October 12), tickets for Radiohead‘s Los Angeles Greek Theatre show have been fetching an incredible $5,000 for a pair on online auction site Ebay, as the band?s album ‘Kid A’ rocketed to the top of the Billboard chart in an unprecedented surge in popularity for a UK band.