NME was down the front for the premiere of Radiohead's movie...

THOM YORKE has admitted that he is bored of ‘OK Computer’ and that fame is “bollocks”.

The confession appears at the end of the new Radiohead movie, ‘Meeting People Is Easy’ which was premiered last night in London’s West End Cinema, the Metro. Thom Yorke also says that “everything after Glastonbury (1997) was a disappointment”.

NME interviewed director Grant Gee after seeing the film, a dazzling collision of treated film stocks which follows the band on tour in the year after the release of ‘OK Computer’. The film, released on video on Monday (30 November), details the debilitating effects of mass adulation and a harrowing work schedule on Radiohead. related news


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Reflecting the album’s themes of distancing through technology, its highlight include preview of songs in progress, Thom Yorke in abject boredom at an American show as the crowd sing ‘Creep’ and Colin Greenwood squirming and apologising as he admits to succumbing to the pressures of fame whilst talking to NME‘s Ted Kessler.

“It’s basically a film put together of a thousand bits,” says Grant Gee. “I don’t watch much music television. The only rock films I like are the (Bob Dylan documentary) ‘Don’t Look Back’, ‘Cocksucker Blues’ (unreleased Rolling Stones film) and REM‘s ‘Tourfilm’.”

Although he was present at the premiere he didn’t actually watch the screening: “The last time I went to a premiere of mine I felt so sick I almost passed out.”

Thom, bored of ‘OK Computer’? Radiohead feeling the pressure? Do we expect too much of rock stars? Should they be allowed to make films? Post a message on Angst.

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