American theatre director fashions play from lyrics of THOM YORKE...

Radiohead‘s songs have formed the basis of a play in Los Angeles that is planned to reach the Edinmburgh Festival next year.

The Untitled Radiohead Project, which premiered on November 12 at the small 70 seater Hollywood Court Theater, is built entirely around singer Thom Yorke‘s lyrics, and tells the tale of a young man – also called Thom – who has a car accident that leaves him in a coma

It has received positive reviews from US West Coast critics.


The play’s director, Dean Testerman has yet to get permission to use Yorke’s lyrics, but in the play he’s managed to string together lyrics from tracks such as ‘Fake Plastic Trees’, ‘Creep’ and ‘My Iron Lung’ into a narrative form.

Testerman described the project, which he hopes to eventually take to Radiohead‘s home town of Oxford, as being about “the way we’re getting technologically raped”.

A spokesman for Radiohead said: “The band know about it, but they’re not that bothered, really.” is expecting special news about this play, stay tuned for updates.

Lyrics being made into a play? P’haps it’s not too late to do the same with Noel Gallagher’s. Have your day on Angst.

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